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About Us

Shannon has been doing cosmetic tattooing for 4 years and specializes in microblading. 

She has trained in Canada and the U.S., but most notably in California with world renowned industry leader Daria Chuprys. 

"My goal is to make women feel confident about themselves by reflecting their own natural beauty through permanent makeup." 

We have met the highest standards of quality and are AHS inspected, approved and insured.

Is Cosmetic Tattooing for me?

  • You can wake up looking fresh with natural make up
  • Creates a uniform look from day to day
  • Looks fresh as if it has just been applied
  • Provides additional time for morning routine
  • Will not change after shower, swimming, exercise or other activities that create sweat.
  • Stays consistent even if you have changes to your eyebrows, eyes and lips due to aging
  • Flexibility to change color tone if your nautral color changes in the future
  • Benefical to those with difficulty apply make up or don't like smearing
  • Perfect for sensitive skin or allergies
  • Great if you wear glasses, contacts, had Lasik eye surgery or have other visual impairments
  • Create confidence - if you experience hair loss from alopecia, chemotherapy, accidents, burns or cosmetic surgery

The Experience

We maintain a very clean establishment with excellent studio hygiene.  Our keen attention to detail, professionalism and expertise has helped our clients achieve natural long-lasting results.  Using state of the art equipment with a thoughtful approach to your procedure, you will walk out the door feeling more confident and self-assured than ever. 

A superb experience in a safe and comfortable setting!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Permanent Make Up?  

It is micropigmentation also known as cosmetic tattooing. It is the art & science of putting color pigment into the dermis of the skin using specialized instruments. We will ensure this service is designed especially for you based on your features, hair and eye color as well as skin tone.

Will it hurt? 

We use topical anesthetics before and during the procedure to make you as comfortable as possible. Some people say they feel a tingling feeling or mild discomfort but please remember that everyone has a different level of pain tolerance.

Other factors to consider are your stress level, caffeine or tobacco intake or menstrual cycle as these can affect your pain tolerance during the procedure. 

How long will it last?

Different factors will play a role in the lifetime of your implanted pigment. This will include the area of the skin the pigment was implanted, sun exposure, and your type of skin. 

Other treatments such as micro dermabrasion, peels and laser can also affect the lasting effects of your tattoo. Since the pigment used is different from regular tattooing the body will absorb the pigment and a color boost will be required every 1-3 years to reflect a natural look. 

How long does it take?

Appointments last 1-2 hours depending on the procedure booked and the area being worked on.   

Is there any down time?

Overall there is no down time to this procedure. Everyone will have a different reaction. There will be some redness that should subside in 1-2 hours after the treatment. There can be slight swelling with an Eyeliner procedure but placing a cool compress on the area usually reduces the swelling. During the healing process the skin will flake off and may crust slightly.  This is completely normal and will be gone in 5-10 days.  Complete healing will take 4-6 weeks and then you can rebook for your touch up.  

Are there any health risks?

At the start of the appointment you will fill out a comprehensive Health Questionnaire and we will discuss any concerns you might have then. We will then map out the shape you are looking for and discuss color to ensure desirable results. If required, we will do a patch test to make sure there is no allergic reaction to the products being used.

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